Plastic yarn is super easy to make and very useful for a wide variety of projects.

  1. Smooth out the bag
  2. Cut on the dotted red lines, discarding the cut portions
  3. Flatten the body of the bag removing all folds
  4. Fold or roll the bag horizontally to create a 5cm wide roll
  5. Cut the rolled bag at intervals of about 2.5cm
  6. Unroll the cut sections. They should be closed hoops.
  7. Place one loop through the other
  8. Pull the loop through itself
  9. Gently pull the loops away from each other to create a knot
  10. Continue until you have enough yarn for your project

You can experiment with the width of the yarn depending on the size of crochet hook you are using, but too thin may result in a weaker fabric.

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Cut the top and bottom off
Flatten out the bag, cut into strips to make loops
Loop the loops through eachother
Gently pull the ends to tighten the knot.